What is Knit District?

Who We Are:

Knit District is an online marketplace for handmade knit garments that give back.

Twenty percent of all sales from each shop/designer are donated to a human charity or an animal charity each month.

Why We’re Here:

The idea came to us when we realized we had more knit garments than we could ever gift, donate, or wear!  

One of our friends even joked that she was just storing up her shawls to pass down for her kids “to throw away when she dies.” Dark, we know. But we decided that our shawls, cowls, scarves, tops, sweaters and hats deserved to find a good home where they would be loved—and get to see the light of day. 

We are hoping to give other knitters the chance to take up residency in our shop, too, so that they too can have the chance to send their creations out into the world and raise money for their charity of choice. 

Meet The District:

Yarn Indulgences: Deborah Ogden, Boss Lady. 

Deborah is an indie yarn dyer, shawl knitter, and overall fiber magician. Her greatest love is dying luxury yarn by hand—by the hundreds—and watching it grow into gorgeous garments made by wonderful knitters around the world. She comes from a generation of women who passed down their love of knitting, crochet, sewing, and other crafts all handmade with love. She is a fan of unlikely color combinations, creative color names, and oddly specific movies about weather. 

You can find her at YarnIndulgences.com, Facebook/YarnIndulgences, and Instagram @yarnindulgences.  She also runs the Shawl Knitting group on Facebook.

Chic and Regal Knits: Helaina Hovitz Regal, Captain of Communications and Content. 

Helaina is a journalist, editor, content and social media strategist, mental health advocate, author of the memoir “After 9/11” who is obsessed with knitting, dogs, and nonprofits that melt her heart. She started designing her own patterns this year after learning to knit in July 2018 while attending an intro class and wearing the name tag “Helaina who can’t knit.” She lives in NYC with her extremely supportive husband—who takes his work video calls with her bookcase full of yarn in the background—and their rescue dog, Wiley. 

You can find her at HelainaHovitz.com, Facebook/HelainaNHovitz, and follow Wiley’s yarnie adventures @WileyGoneWild. She also runs a Facebook help group: In a Stitch, and a just for fun group, Happy Knitting by Chic and Regal Knits. 

How We Price:

How do we decide our pricing? Well, some of these garments can take 50-100 hours to make—yep, you heard us right! Think about how much you’d want to make per hour….it can’t come close right? So we try to pick a number that feels fair for us, good for the charities we support, and is as affordable as it can be for you! 

Why We Donate: 

We were born with the give-back bug and an unshakeable notion that we can change the world in meaningful increments, however big or small! 


We’d like to give other knitters a chance to join us! If you’d like to feature your garments on our site, please email us using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Return Policy:

Because garments may look different on a mannequin than on an actual person—and because our beautiful body types can vary so widely—we list the measurements to ensure total accuracy, and so you can envision what it might look like on! We also make sure that our garments arrive clean, fresh and ready for you to wear. Because of safety regulations, especially those pertaining to the current pandemic, and because we donate to our charity partners immediately upon payment receipt, we cannot accept returns, so please make sure you ask us any questions at all you might have before you buy!